1. Credit will only be considered to US customers after credit check and a good customer relationship has been made. Our terms are COD or net 30. Restocking fee of 15% applies.
2. R & R Fittings and Valves does not claim to be the authorized or sole agent for any brands sold.
3. No responsibility will be taken for the misuse of stock sold. R & R Fittings and Valves does not play a part in specifying the suitability of stock sold for a give application.
4. Prices shown are provided in good faith and may vary at any time due to supply and demand.
5. Goods supplied remains the property of R & R Fittings and Valves until full payment has been received. The goods can be recovered from the purchaser should full payment not be established. Any attorney fees and court cost will also be applied to recovery. Recovery of stock is still applicable in the event of the purchaser becoming insolvent.
6. R & R Fittings and Valves liability is limited to one year replacement of such defective parts or equipment sold. There are not guarantees or warranty expressed or implied other than those herein specifically mentioned. R & R Fittings and Valves shall not in any event be liable for any consequential damages, secondary charges, expenses for erection or disconnection, losses resulting from any alleged defect in the apparatus or mis-handling or abuse. It it understood that corrosion or erosion of material is not covered by our guarantee. Warranty is provided material has not been subject to misuse.